The philosophy of animal welfare states that humans have the right to use animals but with that right they carry the responsibility of providing and properly caring for the animal. Properly caring for animals not only benefits the animal but also the owner. A livestock producer, for example, will gain a better profit from a healthy animal than he would from a skinny, sick animal. In order to support animal welfare, animal owners and industries must make sure that all activities involving animals do not cause harm to the animal.
     The horse is an animal of high value for emotional and economical reasons. Many companion animals such as cats, dogs, or horses, should be cared for properly. However, this is not always the case. Animals everywhere are neglected. Horses are left behind in abandoned farms, where they have no source of food or water. Other horses are overworked and do not receive proper veterinary care.  
     An equine has many essential needs when it comes to proper care. The horse needs essential nutrients from grains, water, grasses, and many other sources. Equines should be turned out regularly, and have some type of shelter. Barn stalls should be kept clean. Aside from these needs, a horse also has many veterinary needs. They have to have their teeth floated, or filed down, in order to chew properly. Their shoes must be replaced about every eight weeks. They also need shots, checkups, and deworming regularly.
     Concerns with equine welfare may arise when it comes to matters such as horse racing and slaughter. Some individuals argue that these acts are inhumane, while others do not object to them. The objectors may argue that the slaughter of horses is essential. Horses are slaughtered to make glue and dog food. However, others object that with our advanced technology, there are ways around it.
     When a horse is slaughtered, it is taken to the slaughterhouse, where it does not receive proper care. The slaughtering of a horse may be thought of as a violent act. When a horse is slaughtered, it is shot in the head, and then hung by its foot to drain the blood. However, sometimes a shot is misfired, and does not completely kill the horse. Therefore, the equine is forced to die a long and cruel death. There are hundreds of petitions and organizations that oppose this.
     Horse racing may be viewed as a fun sport for enjoyment, or a form of cruelty. Owners of sport horses spend money and time on horse housing and management. However, this does not necessarily mean that the animals are cared for properly. But, owners of a racehorse will gain more economically; a healthy, well cared for horse is likely to be stronger and faster than an uncared for horse. Before going to the racetrack, horses must undergo extreme training. They then are raced on the track, until they retire.
     Animal welfare is a very large responsibility, and should be taken seriously. Everywhere, equines and other animals are neglected, and their needs are not fulfilled. Equines have many essential housing and veterinary needs that should not be ignored. Topics such as horse slaughter and horse racing may cause issues when it comes to welfare. It is up to humans to properly care for animals, and provide them with their needs.
Welfare of Equines
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