Making a Website- Getting Started
    So, let's face it. If you're just starting out with making a website, chances are that it could probably be better. Don't worry, everyone gets better at website design with experience. Below, are some tips to help you out.
Design Tips:
* Get a layout. All of your pages should have the same background color and font style. If you are not very exsperienced with making layouts, maybe you should get a free one. Several website offer free layouts.
* Navigation should be simple. Personally, I think a menu is the best form of navigation. Frames can also be used, although, they are more unorganized and search engines don't like them. Try using buttons.
* Make sure that your text is easy to read. Don't make it a crazy color or ridiculously small or big. A good font size is 12 pt. Text should be readable with the background color.
* Even though we all love animations,
marquees, and insane background colors, it is better to not use them. These can make a page crazy and unorganized. All of these things can be extremely annoying. It is ok to use a couple animations, if you want to catch the visitors eye. However, it is better to just use a color that will stand out.
So You Want to Make a Website... What Now?
* Find a host. If you want to make a free website, I recommend using Yahoo Geocities or Freewebs. Both host also offer domain names, for a price,
* What is your website going to be about? What is going to make it stand out from similar websites? You need to have a unique idea that makes visitors want to visit your website.
Website Content Tips:
* Once you have chose a topic for your website, stick with it. Don't put random information on your website.
* Have a balanced amount of pictures and text (unless you are making a photo album site).
* Make articles and stories on your website interesting. Catch the reader's attention. Get a interesting headline and introduction.