Tellington Touch
Tellington Touch, also known as TTouch, is a variety of touches used on animals to help with behavior or health problems. It releases tention and increases body awarness. It is often thought of as a massage.  It was first developed by Linda Tellington-Jones for horses. Now it used with other animals too, especially dogs. Tellington Touch activates Beta waves in an animal's brain. Beta waves stimulate thinking.
   Tellington Touch uses circular movements of the hands and fingers. It is used on the entire body.
It is helpful with:
* sore backs * stiffness * stress
* nervousness or tension
* inconsistent performance
* lameness or unevenness of stride * cinchiness
* resistance to the vet and farrier
* bucking & rearing
* clipping, pulling manes, giving shots
* head tossing & tail wringing * biting * kicking
* pulling back when tied * trailering
* resistance to grooming or saddling
* stubbornness or laziness

   You can take courses or see demenstrations from multiple places to learn how to perform Tellington Touch.