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Horses are very interesting creatures, and we all have shared special moments with them. Have you seen a horse do something humorous or unusual? Do you have a bond with your horse that is touching and heartfelt? Well, we would love to hear about it!

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Name: Maria

I had always wanted a horse, and when my trainer told me about a POA at a local rescue for only $500, I tried to convince my parents to look at her. One day my parents, my grandma, my brother, and I went to look at a dining room set that my aunt wanted. I, not even thinking, didn't question the fact that my mom had the video camera with her. We got to a farm, and I followed my dad to the barn. "Why are we going in the barn?" I asked. "That's where they keep the furniture," my dad replied.
I was so dumb =]
We were just about to walk out of the barn, when my dad stopped at the very last stall. A small chestnut mare stuck her head out.
"Maria, meet Rubi," my dad said.
At this point I still haven't caught on.
"Do you have any idea why we might be visiting Rubi today?"
Then I knew.
I loved her for almost 2 years, as snotty as she was. I pretty much broke her in (as a beginner myself), until she was diagnosed with navicular. Since she was getting too small for me anyway, we gave her back to the rescue, where I still visit her. My parents then bought me a new horse, and again surprised me with him. I caught on quicker then =]

Name: Aspen

I have an Arabian Gelding named Gator. He is always getting himself into some type of trouble, but this story has to be the wierdest thing yet! Well I was at a horse show to help my friend with her horses since I wasn't in that show. The next morning when my mom came to pick me up, she told me that Gator had been stolen! I was freaking out! But it turned out that in the middle of the night, a girl from down the street had ran away from her home and took him. She had some sort of disorder. So whenever she saw a movie or read a book, she thought she had to act it out. And she had just seen the movie Flicka. Luckily, she ended up at my friend's house. When my friend's brother went outside around 5:30 in the morning to take care of the cows, he saw a girl and a horse sitting on a swing set in their yard. The girl told him that it was her horse, Flicka, and she and Flicka were running away. Fortunately my friend recognized Gator and called my trainer to come and get him. The girl had a minor ankle injury, and Gator only had a few grass stains and scrapes on his legs! They were both very lucky.

Name: Marina Martin

Me and my mom went to a ranch in Nashville, TN. I met a foal who was suffering from sand colic. I had no clue of her name! I really loved her. I thought to myself,"How can I help this nervous and hurt foal?" Then it came! I would do T-Touch! I did that in her stall for two hours. After she was healed, I went back. She nuzzled me and gave me horsie kisses all over!

My friend has a horse named Lightning. He had been abused before she owned him. I love him so dearly! I went to visit him and take pics of him with my kodak. He would come to the camera and do a "horsie" smile! I think we have a special bond together!

Name: Kristen


I have a horse named Sunny and he is a 14.2hh arab cross welsh. He is 3 years old, as soon as I saw him I fell in love with him, and he is sooo beautiful... Sunny and I have a really good bond. I am the only person he trusts and he doesn't like anyone else riding him; he will only let me. One day my sister rode him, and he wasn't doing as he was told for her, and then when she got off him he stomped on her foot... Sunny is a really good horse cause when I tack him up he just stands there. I don't have to tie him up, and when he has his tack on, u can walk away from him and he will just stay there. He is so beautiful to ride and he almost always does what he is told, he has never been professionally broken in. When i got him he wasn't broken in, but i still rode him and he is sooo good considering he still needs a bit more training. I am hoping to go in shows with him. I think he will be a really good barrel racer...

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