Riding: Where To Start?
    So, you have decided that you want to learn how to ride horses? But, where do you begin? Maybe you already know how to ride and are searching for ways to improve your skills. Either way, read this article for tips on how to begin the wonderful experience of riding horses.
    Taking horseback riding lessons is a great idea for any rider. If you've never ridden before, it is a fun way to get started.  Or, if you are already a rider, a lesson will improve your skills and give you new things to work on. You can find a riding establishment near you by going to horserentals.com or by looking in your telephone book.
     After you have found a riding establishment that meets your price, time, and transportation ranges, stop by and check out the barn. Pay attention to how the barn runs. See if the horses are healthy and treated well. Talk to the owner/lesson teacher and ask any questions you may have. If you decide that the barn is run well, schedule your first lesson.
     At your first lesson, you should wear well-fitting clothes and boots. You can buy a pair of boots from a tack shop. Or, since your first starting, buy a pair of work boots from one of your local stores. You will need to wear a helmet while you are riding. Your horseback riding teacher may have one you can borrow. For more information on what to wear, visit my
Riding Safety page.