Here are some tips for the show season.
Be prepared! There is a lot to do before a show! Start getting all of your stuff together a day or two before the show. Here is a list of things you may need for a show:
1. grooming supplies (maybe hoof polish)
2. tack (maybe a whip or spurs)
3. show papers
4. hose and horse shampoo, etc (if you are washing your horse at the show)
5. safety pins (for clipping your number to your show jacket)
6. braiding rubber bands (if you braid your horse show day)
7. you may need a rake or shovel for cleaning up your horse's mess. : )
8. your show outfit and boots. Maybe a change of clothes. helmet
9. Horse Treats!!!!
10. a bucket for watering your horse.
11. haynets and hay
12. bedding
13. halter, leadrope, bring extras. maybe a lunge line.
Getting your horse ready:
You will need to clip your horse before the show. You may also need to trim your horses mane. You can wash your horse the day before the show or at the show. Click Here for grooming tips. If you wash the day before, it might be a good idea to put a light blanket over your horse so he will not get dirty. After you wash your horse, keep him on a lead rope and walk him around or let him eat grass until he dries.This will prevent him form rolling or getting dirty right after you wash him. Then, you can put him a stall. You may tie him up on a long rope while he is in the stall to prevent him from getting dirty.
Groom your horse and make shure he looks nice before the show. You can use shine products,  products that make white markings brighter, and glitter that can go on your horse's hoofs or body. You may need to braid your horses mane and tail. You may also need to use hoof polish. If your horse has white stockings, you should bring some type of grooming wipe to keep them clean.
Show Season
Some small trailer tips: Put leg raps or boots on your horse for safety. Clean out your trailer before use. Tie your with a lead rope while hes in the trailer. You may need someone to help load your horse.
Keeping your horse and yourself relaxed at the show:
You and your horse might be very nervous about a show. It might help your horse relax if you put a fan on his stall door. [it worked for me = ) ] Make shure he has plenty of hay and water. If you are nervous, remember it doesn't matter if you win or lose as long as you have fun and do your best. Go to a quiet place and walk with your horse. If you are enrolled in a class with a pattern, memorize the pattern. If you are in a jumping class, walk the course. Warm up before you ride in the show. Your horse may need to be lunged.
Problems you may have at the show:
You forgot something: Don't Panic! See if someone else at the show has an extra of whatever you forgot. If you live nearby and have time, you could run back and get it. Just remember to get evrything ready and packed up before the show.
You fall of while warming up or in the show ring: Get back on! I have personaly fell off while warming up. I ended up doing fine in the show ring. Don't panic. Just get back on unless you are injured. If you are in the show ring, don't make a big deal about it. Just get out of the way and get back on.
Tips for riding in the show ring:
Make sure your horse is on the right lead while he's cantering. Make shure you have the right diagonal while posting. Sit up straight and keep your heals down toes up. Try to stay close to the show ring wall, but pass if you need to. If you ride english, keep the reins even in you hands and close all your fingers around the reins. Listen for the instructions. Smile, look like you are having fun. Be polite to the judge.
Well, that's all I have for now. Good luck showing and have fun! Remember to be prepared and relaxed. I hope you  do great!!
What to bring to a show: