Horse Knowledge Quiz
What dose it mean when a horse puts his ears back?
A. He's happy
B. He's lazy.
C.He's scared or frightened.
D. That's what horses do.
What should you do if your horse rears up?
A. Pull back on the reins.
B. Do a circle
C. Jump off if he starts to tip over.
When should you use a metal curry comb?
A. On a horse's thick shaggy coat
B. Only to clean brushes
C. Never
D. Never on a horse
What dose a horse use to swish away flies?
A. His tail
B. His ears
C. His legs
D. He can't
When a horse bites you, when do you punish him?
A. The next day
B. An hour later
C. Three days later
D. Right Away!!!
Don't Cheat! Answers Below!
#1. C. #2. D #3. A  #4. B or C #5. A
4-5 problems correct: You're a horse expert!
3-2 problems correct: Needs some work.
2-1 problems correct: STUDY STUDY STUDY!
0 problems correct: STUDY STUDY STUDY!
Advanced Quiz
What is a Bridle Path Hack or Road Hack Class?
A. A flat class
B.  A trail class
C. A jumping class
D. An Equitation Class
Who is judged in pleasure classes?
A. You
B. The Horse
C. No one- its just for fun.
D. You and the Horse
A healthy horse should have.....
A.  Clear and bright eyes
B. Discharge in his eyes
C.  Be VERY hiper
D. Dry and cracked hooves
Should your horse eat the plants Buttercups or Yew?
A. Yes! It's very healthy!
B. No! It can poison your horse!
C. It won't hurt your horse.
D. They  can eat a little of it.
Note: All information found from Young Rider magazine.
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