#1 Horse!
Everyone has a #1 horse! Tell us about your #1 horse, and it will be posted on this page!
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#1 Horse Stories:
    My #1 horse is the horse I am leasing. Geamet. She is an Arabian horse. I am going to show her soon! She is my #1 horse because she is the first (and only) horse that I have owned. She is very sweet and a great horse.
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    My number one horse is my 4 month old Quarter Horse colt, Montana Starry Night. Montana is my very first horse, and my best friend. I will ride him in 2 years when he is 2 years old. I like to talk to others at my email address; TYRKaty@aol.com about Montana and other horses

Sent by: May
    My #1 horse is my iclandic pony thunder. He is my first barrel pony and the best pony any one could ever find. He may be old (23) but who cares! He acts and looks 10.

To know the Arabian is to love them!!!!,
Sent By: Amanda
     My #1 horse is Rosey pose. She may be stubborn some times, but i still love her. She is a good ride and has a very nice trot. She belongs to someone very close to me and who is like a sister.
I love pose and always will.

    I don't think I could pick a #1 out of my horses. They are all special. But I think one of the horses I will never sell is my 6 month old Mustang fiilly, Tonka. I adopted her and her mom and they were both totally wild. Now Tonka is just like my other domestic horses and is like a puppy.

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    My #1 horse is at my riding stable. Her name is Aspen. She is a Quarter horse but she also has Thoroughbred in her blood. The reason she is my number one horse is for three reasons: 1 she has very VERY smooth gaits when I canter on her I feel like I'm flying 2 she loves to be tacked up and doesn't mind it when I tighten the girth 3 she is the most beautiful horse I have ever seen! She's a sweet heart.

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   My # 1 horse is my Colorado Ranger/Palomino Quarter Horse. She is LIver Chesnut with a snowflake pattern. I show her in Thundering Hooves 4-H club!!!! She is a very calm horse and loves to be cuddled!!!!! She is my baby!! She loves to chase my 9 pygmy goats and run her heart out!! She will be 3 in April! She loves to be worked out, she drives, production, and I am joining her in pole bending, barrel racing, bareback equisition, western equisition, western horsemanship, and races in the future. She is my world!!!!                          
Sent By: Jocelyn
    My #1 horse is my horse named Katie. I run barrels off of her. She is bay. She is very special to me because she was my first horse, and she is also mustang. Everybody likes to see her freeze marking. She is really hipper sometimes but, I still love to ride her.

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Christa Pierce
My #1 is sadly dead. His name was Brandon and was a liver chestnut Arabian gelding. I rode him for about 2 years at my lesson he was retired at 30 and died a year later when he was 31. I learned the most from him. The things I was taught to do on him are: cantering, serpantines, sitting trot, and above all how to bond with a horse. The 1 year anniversarry of his death is coming up on April 19. I think I'll go down to the stable that day and lay flowers in his stall. Thankfully it hasn't been occupied by another horse yet and I hope it never will. I think every horselover/rider get 1 special horse in their entire lives that is their above all favorites the one that was THE BEST for me I've already had him and his name was Brandon. With a horse like that you can do almost anything!

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Syndney Baker
My # 1 horse is Chase, a registered paint. He is 5 years old and 16.2hh. We showed last summer and did so well! He's my # 1 horse because he's awesome to ride. He's gates are very smooth and he goes off your leg so well. I've leased him since June 2006. He's the BFG (Big Friendly Giant). He's awesome around littler children and is very patient with beginer riders. I can honesty say I love him not just riding him!

Sent By: Kayla
My number 1 horse is my mare Shadow....She is my best friend ad we love having each other around for company....I've had her for 4 years and our theme song for our lives is Natasha Bedingfield -- Wild Horses!!!!!!!!!!!