Oldenburg Horses
Oldenburg horses were popular carrige horses in the old days. Now they are used for many things. The Oldenburg horse became popular in Europe under Count Anton Gunther von Oldenburg who was a supporter of the breed. The Oldenburg horse Breeding Society was formed formed in 1923.In 1935 a thoroughbred stallion was bred with an Oldenburg to try to improve the breed. By the 1960's, the Oldenburg was becoming a modern riding horse. Oldenburg's were again bred with French stallions toward the end of the 60's. Practically no other breeding area could achieve the success the Oldenburg's reched. Many Oldenburg's compete in dressage today.
Oldenburg's are the tallest and heaviest of the German warmbloods. They are between 16.2-17.2 hands high! They are usually gray, black, brown, bay, and rarely chestnut. Oldenburgs mature early. They are known to be kind, yet bold.
I am currently leasing an Oldenburg named Otto. Read below about their interesting history and facts.
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Oldenburgs are good at jumping.