Make A Difference
Horses and other animals are abused in many ways. Did you know that you can help protect animal rights without leaving your computer chair? Just by taking a little time to sign petitions, send emails, or starting your own animal rights website. Animal rights is not the only thing you can help. Help solve world hunger, relief efforts for natural disasters, save the rainforest, and much more! That's why I made this page. To help you  make a difference. Below are a lists of links and causes you can help. Please send in a link or cause to:
Online Charities/Websites To Help:
A free way to help animal shelters, rainforest, hunger, breast cancer, literacy, child health, and more.
Newsletters to Join:
Help earth and enviormental causes
Help horses and other animals
Animal rights website
Save The Rainforest
Race For the Rainforest From
Save Endangered Species
The Petition Site
Digital Charity
Save The Rainforest
Rainforest Care
Endangered Species
Petition Site
Green Peace
Humane Society of the United States