Lipizzan Horses
Brief Breed History:
  The Lipizzan is one of Europe's oldest breeds of horse. It is known as the Lipizzaner there. The military needed horses that were light and fast. Therefore,  Lippizan horses were bred for this purpose.
     The Lipizzan beagn in 1580. Archduke Charles II formed a studfarm in Lippizza (Lipica) using good Spanish horses, Andalusions, Barbs, and Berbers that were bred to the local Karst horses. The Karst horse gave the Lippizan it's high stepping gait.
     In the 1700's, during the Napoleonic Wars, the horses were moved several times. Napolean has possesion of the horses for a while. He bred his Arabian stallion to the Lippizaners.
Breed Characteristics:
  The Lipizzan has a sturdy body. It had large appealing eyes and small alert ears. It is usualy 14.2 to 15.2 hands. Mnay times, Lipizzans have lived to be 35 years of age or older. They display elegance and nobility. Lipizzans are born black or bay and slowly turn white by the time they are between 5 or eight years of age. They have a lively gait and are fun to ride. They are usualy capable of preforming whatever task is required.