Layout Tutorials
You learned the basics in the previous layout tuorial, now for the rest.
Copy and Paste the Image Into a New Background:
You've background erased your image, now let's paste it into a new background.
*Copy the image:
To Copy: Go to Edit>>>Copy
To Create A New, Blank Background:
*Create a new image by clicking on the New icon in the upper left corner. Size the new image (see both screenshots below) and click OK.
*Or, open an exsisting background.
-New Image
Size Here>>>
*Paste The Image:
Go to Edit>>>Paste>>>Paste As New Layer (see screenshot above).
*If you created a new, blank background and you want it to have color, use the Fill tool and Paintbrush to color and design the background BEFORE you paste the image.
For A new Background:
Now, the image is pasted but, what if you want to re-size or rotate the image? Use the Raster Deform Tool:
-Raster Deform Tool
-The Image Is Being Rotated (dotted outline of image)
Use the Raster Deform Tool to move, re-size, or rotate the image.
We are almost done! Now, I'm going to show you how to fade an image.You can fade images when you are combining pictures or, want a cool effect. Just make shure not to fade too much!!
Fading An Image:
To finish your layout, combine and paste several pictures. See what you can come up with! Get inspired by browsing the web and viewing layouts.
To Put Your Layout On Your Site:
CSS is the best way. However, you can just upload the layout and place it as a picture. But, this method is not as effective.
Lissa Explains It All
Below is a good CSS help site: