Layout Tutorials
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9: The Basics
Cropping Images:
-Lasso Crop Tool
-Set On Point to Point
Raster Deform Tool
scratch remover
soften brush
lighten/darken brush
background eraser
picture tube
oil brush
rectangle tool
pen tool
object selector
Parts of the Screen:
Above is a screenshot of an image being cropped using the lasso tool. The result will be JUST the image you crop around, not the background. The dotted line shows the part of the image being cropped.
To Crop Using the Lasso Tool:
*Choose an image to crop
*Select the lasso tool (or freehand selection tool)
*Set on point to point (see above)
*Carefully begin cropping, slowly clicking your way around the image.
*When you are done, go straight to Image>> Crop to Selection
Now, you are ready to use the background eraser.
Using the Background Eraser:
The screenshot above is of an image that has been background erased. The background eraser tool erases an image's current background. After you erase the background, you can paste it into a new image or as a new layer and the image will have no background.
backgrounds eraser
b-g eraser brush (circle)
To Background Erase an Image:
Now that your image is cropped, use the background eraser.
*Select the background eraser tool
*Set the brush size (see above)
*Carefully erase the image's background. A checkerboard  background will appear in places where you have erased the background. Be careful! You may accidentally erase part of the image!
brush size (above)