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Name: Rio

Color/Breed: Arabain\Chestnut

Traits: Loves people!loves treats! loves to jump high!

Treat: Apples

Name: Fire

Color/Breed: Sorrel Quarter Horse

Traits: Fire is not trained yet but he is getting halter broke! He is 6 or 7 years old and I've had him since he was 3. When I first got him, he was head shy and scared of people but now he lets me pet him all over the place but he still gets spooked at things sometimes!

Treat: Sugarcubes

Name: Bellahop

Color/Breed: White

Traits: Good jumper

Treat: Carrots

Name: Mystic Jewel

Color/Breed: Grey Arabian

Traits: Sweeet, Loving, Kind, Caring, Protective

Treat: Chips

Name: Cookies and Cream aka Shadow

Color/Breed: Appy/TB Grey roan

Traits: She and I do novice level Eventing...She's my best friend in the whole world.....She's a fantastic companian...Our Theme song for our life together is Natasha Bedingfield - Wild Horses!!!!!!

Treat: Every kind of food; mostly mints

Name: Chiquita

Color/Breed: Arabian/Bay

Traits: Very kind, wouldn't hurt a fly, gentle, sometimes stubborn.

Treat: Peppermint treats

Name: Ranger
Color/Breed: Quarter Horse palimino and white paint

Traits: Gelding six years old loves to play and loves to event; cross crountry is his favorite.

Treat: Apple

Name: The Mighty Celt

Color/Breed: Mare/Chessnut

Traits: A nice horse

Treat: Grass

Name: Dandy

Color/Breed: Quarter Horse, Chestnut

Traits: Well he's old, but he is sweeter than a teddy bear filled with sugar! I only ride for fun, but here pretty soon i will start racing barrels...hopefully. Hes VERY tall, and hes also a smooth rider...which of course I love. But, I have no idea what I would do without him...yep no idea.

Treat: Apples

Name: Dixie

Color/Breed: brumby - arab x welsh, liver chestnut

Traits: Very lovable, loves people, playful

Treat: Sugar cubes

Name: Mikey

Color/Breed: Thoroughbred

Traits: I am not writing anything at this moment.............

Treat: Carrots

Name: Juliet

Color/Breed: Sorrel Quarter Horse Arabian Cross

Traits: Barrel Racing, but she can't do it now. She is stuck doing parades because of her bad knee. She falls asleep and falls over when you pick her feet! It's funny!! Lol

Treat: oats, but she can't have them because of her knee!

Name: Cotton

Color/Breed: Mustang/White

Traits: We do barrel racing and he is good at it. He loves kids and other horses

Treat: Apple & oat flavored treats

Name: Paragon Opalyeon (Opie)

Color/Breed: Chestnut, full bred Arab

Traits: Western pleasure (show) and hunter pleasure (show)

one of the nicest arabs u will ever meet

Treat: Bananas and raisons

Name: Flash

Color/Breed: Arabian/Hackney redish brown

Traits: Very fun to ride. He is good on trails. spunky. can get cranky :]. loves kisses. energetic. BEST HORSE EVRRR :]

Treat: Anything edible!

Name: Dillion

Color/Breed: Appaloosa / Palomino

Traits: Dillon is a very sweet boy who loves to travel and compete. His grandfather is the legendary appaloosa hall of fame stallion DreamFinder. He competes in Halter, Western Pleasure, and Hunt Seat.

Treat: Cheeze its

Name: Ranger

Color/Breed: Quarter Horse Palimino and White Paint

Traits: Gelding, six years old, loves to play and loves to event; cross crountry is his favorite.

Treat: Apple

Name: Alfie

Color/Breed: Color-black with whitestar Breed-fell

Traits: Alfie loves mini cheddars and buiscuts. He is 11years old and 13.2hh high. He loves being groomed and hates his ears touching.

Treat: mini cheddars!

Name: Whiskey

Color/Breed: Paint/ Sorral and white

Traits: He loves to ride barrels and love to play chase the horse....

Treat: French Fries

Name: Tucker

Color/Breed: Palomino Quarter Horse

Traits: Tucker is a 14.3 quarter horse gelding who is small but the "big guy" in the field . . . he bosses the other sixteen hand horses around! He is sweet but has major "attitude" . . . so don't expect him to come up to you in the field. He is a great western horse and we've competed in western equitation, pleasure, reining, trail and speed events/gymkhana events (carrot races, barrel races, etc.). I've owned Tucker for four years now and he's always been a great guy . . . the times I've fell off him were my fault. I hope to start doing parades on Tucker soon!

Treat: Carrots

Name: Akira brinca werk

Color/Breed: brown/white

Traits: loves riding/loves attention

Treat: hay

Name: Coco

Color/Breed: paint quarter horse

Traits: She just got her baby weaned off her a week or more ago, and my riding teacher said that we were going to try an experiement, so she got a feed bucket and a step and said that we were going to jump (me and coco). so we found out that coco loves to jump and have only ridden her 5 times since the baby has been weaned, and before my riding teacher got her she was abused (during her like first month of pregnancy) but the baby came out fine. we have only had her for a year or less

Treat: apples and carrots, she doesn't like celery though

Name: Miss Rain

Color/Breed: Anglo Arab Paint

Traits: shes very lovable and she barrel races, team penning, and breakaway.

Treat: carrots

Name: Lightning

Color/Breed: Andalusian Grey

Traits: Lightning loves to canter and jump! But most of all he loves me!

Treat: Apples

Name: black's pride

Color/Breed: black arabian

Traits: very very very very good show jumper,dressage and cross country. Thin,musclar,good ride,loving and friendly.

Treat: Apple

Name: Lil' Rust Neva Hurt

Color/Breed: Paint/Pinto

Traits: Barn Name: Rusty
Show Name: Lil' Rust Neva Hurt
Full Name: Rusty Rip Hanna
B-Day: April 1st
Height: 15 hands
Age: 5
Show Colour/s: red/black/ sometimes white
Color: Pinto
Sex: Gelding
Loves to: Jump, Barrels, western pleasure, ect. acts:great, perfect horse

Treat: horse crunch

Name: Red Sunny Seeker

Color/Breed: Quarter Horse/Roan

Traits: Redford(his nickname) always loves to run. He has a lot of energy even though hes old. I love to compete. He like to eat and often becomes fat in the warm summers. He always goes to camp each year with me and has a great time. He has a "Girlfriend" named Tjilla wich is a Frisian. He has a "bestfriend" named Phantom. Redford loves Western riding and riding in pairs.

Treat: Grain

Name: winston

Color/Breed: welsh mountain colour:bay

Traits: hes loving never hurt anyone ever in his whole life and hes an old boy i couldnt have asked for a better first horse great confidence giver i love him forever always will x

Treat: polos

Name: Pepper

Color/Breed: dappled grey Arab

Traits: Pepper comes when you call
Pepper always tries his hardest
Pepper is adorable
Pepper is a little on the cubby side...
Pepper loves to show
Pepper gives kisses
Pepper loves to eat

Treat: sour gummies

Name: Ping-Pong

Color/Breed: Welsh Mountain Pony/ Grey

Traits: Very gentle, GREAT at three day eventing, very cute And the Best pleasure pony EVER!!!

Treat: Apples

Name: Turbo

Color/Breed: Arabian cross

Traits: Welp if u now me u now Turbo…Turbo again is my Arabian cross mare, I only had her for about an year and an half but it seems like 10=) In western she can do things such as trail class, games, cutting, and trail riding..While in English she can mostly do dressage and jumping, so far she can jump over 3ft in just 1 year of training…She also dose alot of hunter classes.this summer where going to do a lot of show so I will be able to put more pics up for you all to see

Treat: everything

Name: Oregon Spy

Color/Breed: Thorough Bred Dark Bay Gelding

Traits: Midnight loves to run. He is very well trained and love to go on trail rides with me. He like giving pony rides to the younger children and will always let you brush him down.

Treat: Midnight's Favorite Treat is Apples

Name: Mirical

Color/Breed: Sorrel Chesnut Conemarra

Traits: Beautiful and calm, loves trail rides and cross country.

Treat: Blue lolipops

Name: Rusalee

Color/Breed: Bay Arabian

Traits: Beautiful, Young, And so Sweet!

Treat: Caramel Snaps

Name: Chevy

Color/Breed: Quarter horse

Traits: Chevy is a very good natured horse. He is very good with me and I love him dearly. Everyone calls him my boyfriend because I spend so much time with him and I spoil him. Tee-hee. He's my life. Chevy enjoys it when I rub his face; he falls asleep.

Treat: Apples, carrots and oats

Name: Majel

Color/Breed: Arabian/Grey

Traits: Her traits are barrel racing.

Treat: Sugar Cubes


Color/Breed: Quarter Horse/ Sorrel

Traits: Bubba loves to play and give love bitesHe can get alittle crazy when riding

Treat: Apples and butterscotch

Name: scout

Color/Breed: white and black paint colt !

Traits: he loves riding and jumping he is well tempered!

Treat: carrott

Name: Yasman

Color/Breed: Arabian White

Traits: She is the best at dressage and showjumping

Treat: Apples

Name: Forté

Color/Breed: Chestnut Tobiano/Paint horse.

Traits: Gentle Giant.I adore him, and he adores me. He's incredibly sweet and forgiving. We are a perfect team together! We excel in dressage and do a lot of trail riding. But yeah, he's perfect and I wouldn't give him up for ANYTHING.

Treat: Carrots!

Name: Savannah

Color/Breed: Quarter horse/Appy/Arab red dun

Traits: smooth,loveable,cute,fun to ride

Treat: Apples

Name: Starbuck

Color/Breed: Buckskin Mustang

Traits: Spirited, Fast, Tough, Hardy

Treat: Feild Grass

Name: Callie

Color/Breed: American Paint

Traits: Spookative, spirited, FAST!, sweet

Treat: anything!

Name: Star Spangeled Banner

Color/Breed: Bay Mustang

Traits: Tough, smart, sweet

Treat: pop tarts

Name: Telly

Color/Breed: Paint

Traits: Very good horse.6 months pregnet with a Pinto

Treat: Carrot

Name: Jessie

Color/Breed: Buckskin QH

Traits: Jessie is about 15, around 14.5 hh, has a white blaze and white socks on her back feet. She likes to run on windy days, but is lazy on hot, still days. She hates when cows crowd her, and likes trrail riding.

Treat: carrots.

Name: rocker

Color/Breed: quarter horse bay white socks

Traits: good barrel racer fun to trailride with loving horse

Treat: apples

Name: Nigting Gale Song

Color/Breed: Chestnut Arabian mare

Traits: She is 3 years, and is already a good jumper. I trained her, and I REALLY love her!

Treat: Oats

Name: Dusty

Color/Breed: Quater Horse/Palomino

Traits: dusty is my favret horse but not my onley horse , we race all over i have one a few times but its just about having fun!when i ride him and the wind blows throo our hair i feel free and i like that felling!,
Treat: carrots

Name: Mystro

Color/Breed: Paint horse/ Skewbald

Traits: An amazing jumper the best in my stable ( my stable )

Treat: Carrots, apples, Sugar cubes and mints all are his faves

Name: Star

Color/Breed: Quater horse / Brown

Traits: Lovley on hacks love u xxx

Treat: Carrots, apples, Sugar cubes and mints all are his faves

Name: Banjo

Color/Breed: Dapple grey Quater horse ( only a few dapples on legs)

Traits: He is wonderful at jumping and i love him sooo much !!! xx

Treat: Carrots, apples, Sugar cubes and mints all are his faves

Name: Pony Got Fight ( Patch )

Color/Breed: Paint x Welsh Bay paint

Traits: Hes super cute and sweet . hes 8 yrs old and we do speed jumping ! ( 3' 3'6 ) hes amazing at it and he loves wat he doesi have 3 others , but hes my baby

Treat: Jumpin Jubalee - apple flavored

Name: Pearl

Color/Breed: Paint sorrel tobiao

Traits: sweet
my baby-sitter

Treat: peppermints

Name: Just My Size, (Stormy)

Color/Breed: Pinto, brown, white stripe, socks, black in tail

Traits: I jump him. He's got personality. He's adorable and . He has the smoothest canter in the world!He shakes his head and bucks during the canter. Very slow!

Treat: peppermints

Name: Glory

Color/Breed: POA

Traits: Loves to jump,Stubbern ! Funny, PlayfulPat Parelli Says She is is a Right Brain Extrovert ! ( lol )

Treat: Apple

Name: Heaven's Light

Color/Breed: Purbred Spanish Horse, White

Traits: 100% Pur Spanish Horse
Good Temperment
Great Mare
Good Genetices

Treat: Turnip

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