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NAME: Chocktaw

BREED/COLOR: Thoroughbred

TRAITS: Fiesty and spunky, crazy over jumps.

FAV TREAT: Horse cookies and alfalfa mix.
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NAME: Teddy

BREED/COLOR: brown, pony

TRAITS: sweet, and listens to the person in charge. A wonder pony.

FAV TREAT: Fritos chips
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NAME: Geamet


TRAITS: A GREAT show horse, very nice, loveable.

FAV TREAT: Carrotts.
NAME: Otto

BREED/COLOR: Oldenburg, sorrel

TRAITS: beautiful, fun to ride, and loveable.

FAV TREAT: Apples and Carrotts.
Name: Show Me The Money

color: Arab/Welsh X///bay

traits: Giddy (barn name) is a puppy dog. No joke, he is my best friend in the
entire world. He thinks he's a person, i swear! Once, he snapped my bra strap!! that was more than once....but he absolutely LOVES to jump, but he deals
fine with flatwork too. He is warm and snuggly and SOFT (with the winter coat of
course) and loves to give big wet kisses on top of little kids heads. It's a
funny thing to see. He used to be a pony jumper, but as his age grew, his jump
height lowered. He can definitley still do the 3 3'' for sure, but the question
is....would he...? I dont think so. So we do the 2 3" instead. When i'm said or
bluuuue, i go talk to him, because he really listens to me and wont talk back
and judge me on my problems or thoughts. I would take a bullet for him.

treat: Apples!
NAME: Dream


TRAITS: He loves to hack out  and loves to go showjumping

FAV TREAT: a big hug
NAME: Blair

BREED/COLOR: Quarter horse, bay

TRAITS: Great jumper, loyal, champion, sweet heart

FAV TREAT: peppermints
NAME: Flash

BREED/COLOR: Snowcap Appaloosa

TRAITS: Very nice, Saved my life, Great in trails

FAV TREAT: sugar cubes, molassos, cookies, apples
NAME: Tickle Me Pine (a.k.a. Promise)


TRAITS: Very cute, also one of the fatest horses in the pasture! I love ehr anyway though! She is soooooooo.... much fun to ride! Great grand filly of Zippio Pine Bar and Impressive.

FAV TREAT: Anything she can eat!!!!!!
Name: Docket

Color/Breed: Bay

Traits: She does mounted shooting trail riding barrel racing and she jumps...she
can be sorta mean to others but i think she is not...she does have tons of speed
which i love!

Treat: Mints
Name: Midnight

Color/Breed: Arabian, black

Traits: Midnight loves people and especially loves apples! Midnight is a show horse and I think she's the best!

Treat: Apples
Name: The Balck Stallion of Nightmares

Color/Breed: American Quarter Horse, Shining Jet Balck

Traits: Loves attention, unfortunately,he is not ridable because of an injury on his back hoof. He is used for breeding and walking around. Or you could say, he's used for breeding and a best friend. He loves to listen to the
Black Stallion series books and loves to be brushed down while grazing.

Treat: Sweet Feed
Name: Ruby

Color/Breed: Arabian/Brown

Traits: She loves to run.

Treat: carrotts
Name: Sam Adama

Color/Breed: American Paint Horse/Sorrel

Traits: Kind, gentle, patient, loveable, and has his own mini fan club : )

Treat: Buckeye Peppermint horse treats
Name: Misty

Color/Breed: Pinto

Traits: Beautiful

Treat: Sugar Cubes
Name: Logan

Color/Breed: Quarter horse/Warmblood -- Bay

Traits: he's crazy, adorable, makes me laugh, loves high jumps, gets excited easily, ia alsways there to understand me

Treat: loves sugar cubes. coffe. apples. chips. carrots. pears
Name: Daisy

Color/Breed: TWH/ dark bay with white hind stockings

Traits: Very jealous, very affectionate, loving, 12 years old, pregnant for the  first time. Very very loved.
Treat: fresh peaches
Name: Blazo

Color/Breed: Bay

Traits: Blazo loves to prance and trot. He enjoys riding trails and performing in arenas.

Treat: Sugar Cubes
Name: Attitude                aka : Atti

Color/Breed: Miniature horse/ White

Traits: ?

Treat: Apples!Apples!
Name: Pete

Color/Breed: Quarter horse

Traits: Barrel horse, very sweet

Treat: apples, carrots treats
Name: Tia Maria

Color/Breed: Colorado Ranger/ Palomino Quarter Horse. Liver Chesnut with snowflake

Traits: Very calm horse. Loves to be cuddled. Performs nicely. Loves to chase my
9 pygmy goats, and run her heart out!

Treat: Apples
Name: Daquri's Mixed Pleasures (daquri)

Color/Breed: Pinto

Traits: She is so beautiful. She loves to do barrels, and is stubbern at times.
But, we love her anyway. She loves to go fast, but cant always keep up with the
big boys, shes only 15"0 hh

Treat: horse cookies with oats
Name: Belle

Color/Breed: thoroughbred black

Traits: loves me the owner!!!

Treat: carots
Name: Thor's Painted Treasure

Color/Breed: Paint/Beligun/QH Brown/White Paint

Traits: He is a big boy. I've had him for a year. He loves to for some reason
founder. lol. He;s also very curious and gets into everything and isnt scared to
get into trouble or get dirty.

Treat: Anything that can be chewed, mainly skittles.
Name: Ace

Color/Breed: Quarter Horse/ Chesnut

Traits: Barrel Racing
Some Hunter/jumper
Western Pleasure

Treat: Apples, carrots, sugar cubes, ect
Name: Lexi

Color/Breed: Dappeld Gray Pony

Traits: She's cute and sweet.

Treat: apples
Name: Sandy

Color/Breed: Quarter horse & she's bay

Traits: She has 1 whate star & 2 back socks.

Treat: Butterscotch
Name: Bubba

Color/Breed: Quarter/Sorrel

Traits: My horse is loving and loves to be noticed.

Treat: Mint treats
Name: T's  Exclusive Rebel

Color/Breed: Tobiano Paint/Thoroughbred, Qoater horse

Traits: blaket

Treat: Apples
Name: Cohiba

Color/Breed: Quarter Horse/Chestnut

Traits: He's very sweet and calm. He is my dream horse ! I LOVE HIM TO DEATH !!

Treat: Carrots
Name: Princess Sammy

Color/Breed: Sorrel Paint, White

Traits: Sammy loves to take long walks and rides. Calm, easy going, and laid
back. She is also very nosey. When our neighbors come home, she takes off
running to see what they are doing. It's really funny to see. We love her very

Treat: Carrots, apples, peppermint, and her food!!!
Name: Docket

Color/Breed: Quater Horse, Bay

Traits: Tall, with a bit of an attitude but, very loving!

Treat: Carrots!

Color/Breed: Quarter HorseX Appaloosa Palomino

traits: Blaze, chocolate legs and dapples, dorsal strip, brown ears, blonde

Really sweet

treat: Skittles and tangerines
Name: Lucy "I Love Lucy"

Color/Breed: Quarter Pony, Liver Chestnut

Traits: Markings: Star, stripe, and snip; three white socks
Height: 14 and 1/2 hh
Lucy is a great all around english pony who loves her job. She showed in the 2'
divisions last year at the local shows and did a couple rated at 2'. This year
we're hoping to bump up to the 2' 6" divisions and do a couple of events! Lucy
loves people and nickers when certain people walk into the barn or call her
name. She also loves her monthly massages!

Treat: Carrot and Apple
Name: Bella

Color/Breed: Welsh section d cross trotter - black

Traits: She's a lilltle sweet heart when she wants to be, lol!

Treat: Bread!
Name: Amber

Color/Breed: Quarter Horse/ Brown

Traits: Mare. Little fiesty, but loves people. Sometimes mistakes herself as a
dog. She like to nuzzle people!! She's so cute!

Treat: Lik' it!
Name: Carolina Sunset

Color/Breed: Palomino quarter horse

Traits: She is shy around new people, she loves to be scratched under her neck.

Treat: Carrots
Name: Sleeping Bay Bandit

Color: Fire Bay

Traits: Bandit loves to race deer and run bare back with nothing on in the rodeo warm up arena before a rodeo. He loves to be loved and, on warm days when he lays down, I come and join him by either laying my head on his shoulder or have his head rest on my lap ... After rodeos or parades we swim in the river near by with friends. Bandit is there for me through think and thin; his shoulder is there for me to cry upond and he nuzzels me saying "its alright so dont cry".

Treat: My hamburgur and fries. And oh, Dr. Pepper
Name: Curley Sue

Color/Breed: Paint / Chestnut Overo

Traits: Has a Blaze on her hour head and white patches all over her body.

Treat: Apples
Name: George "Im a moon"

Color/Breed: Paint Tobinoa Dun and White

Traits: George has a great personality and I wouldn't give him up for anything!! He jumps, barrel races,level 3 in dressage, halter, showmanship, Western, English, Bareback, 4-H, and loves attention. He has been to Nationals, States as well in showing. If you have anymore questions about this amazing horse just contact me through this email and oh yeah he's not for sale!

Treat: Carrots, Raisn Cinnmon Bread, Oreos, Apples, LiveWire (orange Mt.Dew), and Coke-Cola
Name: Escapade

Color/Breed: 1/2 arbian 1/4 paint 1/4 saddle bred

Traits: She is so beautiful.She can not be riden yet. She loves Kids. She is the best horse I have ever had. She likes to jump over hay and boards. She is so awesome. I love her so much!!

Treat: Mints (any kind)
Name: Foxy

Color/Breed: Sorrow

Traits: Smart!Fast!Hyper; Paint.Sorrow.Has a white diamond shape on her nose.

Treat: Sugar Cubes!
Name: Torijon Rosie

Color/Breed: Bay arabian X welsh con

Traits: She's Great, done everything. even though she is only 13.3 hh, she can jump 3 feett!! She's done showjumping at high levels and competed in many 3 day events. Supreme champion in hack and halter. We have done western together and also reigning. She has won many championships in Barrel racing, for she has the speed of a Quarter Horse. She is the mother of Royal show winners, one of her foals has also reached and competed for the country in dressage. Just didn't make the royal show this last year but will be this year in a number of events. SHE DEFINATELY MY DREAM HORSE, AND WISH COME TRUE!!

Treat: Definately Carrots and sugar
Name: Playboy

Color/Breed: Gray

Traits: He loves to run fast!

Treat: Unknown!
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