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Blog Update!! Please leave comments! Sorry for lack of updates; the site is still alive!


I got the blog set up, finally. Click here to view it. Check it for updates on my equestrian life and Otto's passing. :(


My beloved horse, Otto, passed away on Jan. 2nd. You can read about him on the my horses page. I am going to try to set up the blog soon so I can write more about Otto's passing and my life as a rider. For now, I stumbled across this website when looking for pet loss grief support sites. It has helped me, and I recommend it to anyone suffering the loss of a horse:


Another new UNIQUE HORSE STORY ADDED! Keep sending them in! And, a new BLEND ADDED! I am going to combine the blend and banners pages soon; they are pretty much the same thing. So go check out the blends! :) SUGGESTIONS ON INFORMATION ARTICLES? COMMENT BELOW!


New UNIQUE HORSE STORY POSTED! I have been getting many requests for featured horse. Please be patient, I will feature you. Suggestions? I was thinking of updating the layout for a new look.


New BANNER! I am having some problems with the new blog. I may have to re-create it. Leave suggestions please! What do you want to see update-wise?


Please check out my new BLOG!I will try to post regularly. (I'll be removing the old blog soon.) Read to learn more about me (the admin) and to be informed about the site. Please comment! I will be changing the blog's layout soon!


I just wanted to let you all know I haven't forgotten the site! I have been busy with school and don't have much time for updating or newsletters. I promise to work on something as soon as I can :). Thanks to those who have been signing the guestbook!! And, I can now leave replies on your guestbook posts.


New bookmarks! I have also been putting a lot of work into putting the new layout on and rewriting older site pages. Have a look around the site and see!! Please leave me some comments with the haloscan (link below update box) for suggestions and opinions!! Click here to add or view the new myspace profile!


New myspace music skins!! Click here to add or view the new myspace profile! Leave comments!


New free website/horseland layout! I LOVE this one!!! Click here to add or view the new myspace profile! Leave comments!


New free website layout! This is my first div layout, check it out! Remember, you may not edit the layout code or look in any way!! I'll be keeping an eye out for this. If I go through all the hard work of making them, please follow the rules :) Click here to add or view the new myspace profile! Leave comments!


Another new banner! I also rewrote and added to the showmanship article! Also, I have found out some people are editing the codes for the free website layouts. You may NOT edit any code, remove any credit, or edit the look of any free layout or graphic offered!! If the rules are not followed, the freebies will no longer be offered. Click here to add or view the new myspace profile! Leave comments!


Three new banners! I created them for the myspace, but posted them here as well.Click here to add or view the new myspace profile! Keep checking the myspace for updates, they keep coming!


I created a myspace for Horse Spirit! It features contests, graphics, layouts, and more!Click here to add or view profile! Keep checking the myspace for updates, more are coming very soon.


Western Lessons section started!


New Self-grading Quizes in the fun section!


New Western Layout! Sorry for the lack of updates! Please comment suggestions for the site (link below update box). I will be starting a series of showing/western/english riding articles soon!


Join Your Horse! updated! The newsletter has been mailed out and Join Your Dream Horse will be updated soon!


New Dapple Layout! Horse Spirit Forum Photo Contest DEADLINE EXTENDED TO APRIL 5TH!!! Click the banner below this update box to enter now!!! No forum membership required!


New Beautiful Jim Key article! Exclusive interview with author Mimi Rivas included! Don't forget to enter the HS forum photo contest! No forum membership required, enter soon! Deadline is Tuesday, March 25th!


New Horse Spirit Forum Photo Contest! No forum membership required, enter soon! Deadline is Tuesday, March 25th!

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