Hoof Black
Make your horse's hooves and white leg markings look great for horse shows!
Hoof Black:
Use clear or black hoof black on your horse's hooves!
To Apply Hoof Black:
Be careful! You don't want hoof black on your horse's legs or on you!
Have someone hold your horse for you on a pavement or gravel surface.
1. Start at the top of the hoof, and paint horizantaly. The hoof black will run down. Make shure you paint the all the way from one end to the other.
2. Continue making horizantal lines until the entire hoof is painted.
3. Walk around your horse and make shure that you didn't miss any spots. Check the sides of the hooves.
4. Stand with your horse for about 3-5 mins. until the hooves are dry.
To make white leg markings look whiter:
Make your horse's white socks look snow white!
You can buy special spray paint to use on your horse at tack shops.
1. Hold the can a few inches away and spray over your horse's white marks on the legs. Do not spray on your horse's face.
2. Be careful, don't get spray on your horse's hooves!
3. Follow directions on can.
Otto's hooves and legs, at a horse show.