Use the hoof pick to remove rocks,stones, and mud from  your pony's hoofs.Use the mane and tail comb to comb out tangles in the mane and tail. Clean the face with a soft bristled brush.
The round brush to the the right is called a rubber curry comb. You can use it on the entire body except the face. Brush in a circular motion. Press hard (but not too hard) to loosen the dirt in your horses's coat. After you use the rubber curry comb,
use the dandy brush to remove the dirt. Brush in a downward motion at a right angle.
Use a hose to wet the horse's body. Start at the legs and work up. This will get him used to the sound and feel of the water. If it's cold outside you can use a bucket of warm water and sponge.

Next, turn the water off and soap your horse. If you have a gray or white horse, buy special shampoo that helps you get the dirt off. You can use a
bathing brush, cloth, or just your hand to apply shampoo. Squirt
some shampoo on cloth, brush, or hand and rub it in all over the
horse's body. (not the face) Be sure to scrub good to get the mud
and dirt off. When you scrub the legs make sure to get all dirt off.
Remember to put soap on your horse's mane and tail too!
After you have scrubbed your pony good, rinse him off. Again, start at the legs and work up. Make sure you rince out all the soap or it could leave stains. You can use conditioner on your horse's body, mane, and tail too. Repeat the soaping steps and then the rinsing steps. When she is rinsed off, take a sweat scraper and get all the excess water off of your pony. To use a sweat scraper: Press hard and brush in a downward motion at a right angle. After you are done with that use a spray-on shine product. A shiny coat won't hold dirt as well. Walk your horse around until he dries. You don't want him rolling as soon as your done! When he is dry put a light turnout blanket on him and put him in his stall.