Win Your Equitation Classes
Read this article and learn how to score a blue ribbon in your equitation classes!
*****See Sample Patterns Below******
What is Equitation?
    In equitation classes, you are judged, not your horse. Even though it is always important that your horse behaves well in the show ring, the main focus is on your riding and how well you control your horse. The judge will look at your leg position, posture, hands, and overall riding ability. The judge will also pay attention to your leads and diagonals.
Usually, in equitation classes you will perform a pattern, or test. Before you enter the ring, make sure that you have your pattern memorized and understood. Patterns are usually posted at the registation booth. They may include circles, figure eights, lead changes, diagonal changes, or backing up. The pattern will probably require you to walk, trot, and canter. The difficulty level of the pattern depends on your riding level and age.
     Sometimes, in the show ring, judges will ask competitors if they would like to see the pattern before the class begins. However, it always best to be prepared. When riders enter the ring, they usually will line up and wait their turn to perform the pattern. Don't be afraid to go first! You may get extra points for volunteering! When it is your turn, or the rider in front of you is almost done, walk up to first cone and wait for the judge to nod at you before begining.
What About the Pattern?
Other Tips
    When competing in an equitation class, just remember to try your best. Keep you heals down, toes up. Look confident! Remember that what everyone else does is not always right! If you have your pattern memorized well, and everyone else is doing something that you think is wrong, you don't have to follow them! I once placed high in a class because, I was one of the few competitors who performed the pattern correctly.
Sample Patterns
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