Cleveland Bay
    The Cleveland Bay originates in Britan and is the oldest breed of English horses. As far back as mediaeval times, Cleveland Bays were originally bred for pack work north east of England. These horses were once called Chapman Horses. They used to be a popular way of transportation for chapmans, or travelling salesmen, back in the day. Seventeenth-century breeders used the Chapman horses along with Andalusion and Barb stallions to produce a good coach horse with good stanima. The result was the Cleveland Bay.
     With the improvement of roads and the passing of time, a faster coach horse was needed. 
Thoroughbreds were bred with Cleveland Bays to produce what was once called the Yorkshire Coach Horse. Even today, Cleveland Bays make wonderful carriage horses and hunters. When crossed with a Thoroughbred, Cleveland Bays can become amazing jumpers!
Height- 16-16.2hh

Colour- Bay w/ Black Points