How to Keep Your Horse Calm
  Occasionally, every horse gets tense. Some are more tense than others. But, it is important to keep your horse calm at a competition. A tense horse will not behave as well as a calm one. There are safe ways to keep your horse relaxed without using drugs. So, what can you do?
   A horse may be tense simply because he is nervous. Nerves due to a new experience are normal. To help calm these nerves, try taking you horse to shows and walking him around. Don't compete, just let him get used to the new enviorment.
   However, sometimes horses are tense due to other problems. This requires some investigation. Your horse may be tense because he is in pain. Check your tack to see if everything is fitted properly. Maybe you are using the wrong kind of bit or holding the reins too tightly.
   A horse can sense if his rider is nervous. Try to relax and stay clam. Walk your horse in circles to help you both stay relaxed. Arrive at the show on time so you won't be stressed. Be confident. If you aren't shure of yourself, why should your horse be?
   Is your horse high-strung? Try lunging your horse before a show. You could turn him out the night before to get rid of some of his extra energy. At a show, make shure that you ride in the warm up arena before your class.
   Ever though of massaging your horse? Tellington touch is a therapy that uses circular hand and finger movements on all of the body to increase cell function. This could help calm your horse.
   Sometimes, a horse's nerves can get in the way of his ability to behave. Remember to be patient and calm. Try to get rid of a high-strung horse's extra energy. Check your tack to make shure your horse is not in pain. Most importantly, if you can't stay calm, don't expect your horse to.