It can be a real pain when you have flys and pest in your barn or on your horse. Here are some tips to help keep your horse and barn pest free. Recource: Young Rider magazine July/August 2001

Look for these forms of repellant:

1. Spray: You can use this on your horse's body. (not face)

2. Roll-On: Use this around your pony's eyes and ears.

3. Foam: Doesn't drip or run.

4. Spot Application: Use this on different spots on your horse's body and he'll be fly free for days!

5. Wipes: These are soaked in repellant. Good for your horse's muzzel.

                                                       Applying Repellant

When you spray your pony with fly spray start at his legs and work up. This will get him used to the spray. Never spray your pony's face. It could get in his eyes. If your trying a new brand of repellant, spray a little on your horse and wait to see is she's allergic.Spray your horse after you groom, before you ride, and before you turn your horse out in his field.

                                                       Fly Free Barn
You can put up fly traps in your barn. Buy them at your local tack shop. Throw away these traps when they are full of flies. Hang up small automatic fly dispensers. These are little misters that run on batteries.

                                                   Fly Sheets and Mask

  Fly mask are made of lightweight mesh. They keep flys off of your horse's face. Some have holes for your pony's ears. Some have ear covers too! Your horse can see through a fly mask.
Fly sheets are made
of lightwieght mesh too. They go on your pony's body and fasten in front and under the horse's stomach. Some have UV protection to protect your horse from the sun.
If you use fly sheets and mask on your pony, be sure to check on her and make sure they haven't ripped.