Find Your Perfect Breeches
    English riders, I know how hard it can be to find a pair of breeches that are comfortable, durable, and well-fit. Often, breeches do not fit well and are either too big or too tight. Sometimes, they are slick and make you slide all over the saddle. Breeches are supposed to help improve your riding, not make it uncomfortable. Here are some tips to help you find your perfect pair of breeches.

Fit: Breeches are meant to fit snuggly but, you can find a pair that is not uncomfortably tight! Some manufacturers suggest ordering one size up for a more relaxed fit. If a store near you is available, try the breeches on to ensure a good fit. If you are ordering from a catalogue, find your size by measuring your waist and then consulting a size chart. Order in advance of show seaon in case you need to return them. Many retailers now offer breeches in several colors and  hip hugger styles for a more fashionable look.

Protection: Purchase long, knee-high socks to prevent your show boots from staining your breeches black! You can find these socks in horse related catalogs and stores. When you are not using them, fold and store your breeches somewhere safe. Be sure to follow instructions on the tag when washing your breeches, and use some type of stain remover to rid of all messes.

Practice: Before a show, practice riding in your breeches to break them in and get used to them. This way, when you ride at the show, your difference in apparel will not have a negative effect on your performance.