Bonding With Your Horse
Try to spend a lot of time with your horse on the ground too. Spare a few minutes to stop by his stall and pet him. You can spend extra time grooming him too. Try talking to him in a soft voice to show your affection.
   If you have more than one horse, spend equal amounts of time with them. Don't play favorites. Even if a horse doesn't show any sign of liking extra attention, they usualy do.
   The more time you spend with your horse, the more he will like seeing you. You can be partners working together.
Clcik Here To See Signs That A Horse Trust You
Every one wants to have a special bond with their horse! So how do you get them to trust you and be your friend?
  If you use fear to get your horse to do what you want, bonding will be hard. If a horse is fearful, it will stiffen up and always be on the defence. Train your horse with patience and understanding. Praise him when he has done and well and give him plenty of time to relax. Going on a trail ride is a fun way to take a break and relax with your horse.