The History of Arabian Horses
     Arabian is a breed of horse originated in Arabia. They can weigh from 850 to 1,000 pounds and stand 14.2 to 15.2 hands high. For hundreds of years people brought Arabians to different countries and used them to make new breeds of horses. One breed made from the Arabian is the Thoroughbred.
      The Bedouin tribes thought the Arabian was a gift from God. There were many stories of the horses beginning. Bedouin also thought of the Arabians as a prized member of their houseshold. Arabians were bred for long treks across the desert and tribal wars.
       Arabians are a very pretty breed of horse. They carry their heads high. They have full flowing mains and tails. Arabians can be gray, bay, brown, or rarely black. Their original colors were chestnut and bay. They are often considered the most beautiful horses.
       Arabians have very good endurance They are one of the best racehorse breeds in the world. They move lightly on their feet and can run for long distances. The horses are famous for their elegance and speed. They have muscular chests and their tails are set high. A gallop is a regular pace for these horses.
      The maker of the religion Islam, the prophet Muhammed, gave to the breeding of Arabian horses in the 600s A.D. Muhammed wanted to spread the word of Islam and make an Arabian empire. He knew he could only do this if he had an army riding on purebred horses. He ordered the breeding of noble and pure horses. The Muslim army went through Egypt, North Africa, and into Spain and France. They won their battles everywhere they went. They were finally defeated. They returned home and left many of their horses behind. This atock was the beginning of the Arabian influence on the horses of Europe.
          In Spain Arabian stallions were bred with the horses the Muslims left behind. The result was the Andalusion horse. Over time after the Andalusion horse, the Arabian horse proved to be wonderful over native breeds. Two great promoters of the Arabian were Louis XV and Napoleon. After losing in a war with the Russians, Napoleon and his army were only able to run back to France thanks to the endurance of their Arabians. All the other horses died in the cold. European's thought the only way to improve their horses was to have them breed with the Arabians. They let the Arabians breed with the native mares.
    The Arabian is a beautiful, strong, and graceful horse. they were brought from the desert and bred with many other horses to make many of the breeds today.