Horse Aging
           Guide to Horse Aging:

Horse Years
               Human Years
6 months                            6 years
12 months                       12 years
2 years                             18 years
3 years                             21 years
10 years                           30 years
20 years                           60 years
24 years                           72 years
30 years                           90 years
                                                                    Feed for your Aged Horse
When you look for food for your older horse make sure it is:

                                                                 *easy to chew
                                                                 *has a good taste
                                                                 * easy to digest

    Make sure your horse has good grass and hay to eat. Look for a grain mix that has about 12 to 14 percent crude protein, 0.3 percent phosphorus, and a calcium level of at least 0.3 percent, but no more than 1.0 percent. Feeds with added fat are good for most older horses, unless your horse has a liver dysfunction. Complete feeds, which provide concentrates and fiber are good too.
    Grass might not be enough food for your older horse, and hay might be difficult for him to chew and digest. You can try chopped hay or soaked feeds, such as pellets, cubes, and beet pulp.
Rules of Feeding:

*clean out feeding containers regularly
*Feed at the same times each day
*never feed right after work. Give the horse an hour to rest
*never leave a horse longer than 8 hours without food
*the horse should always have clean fresh water
*Don't make sudden changes to a horses diet